1. Fireline

From the recording Hope Street

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Brad Colerick, acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals; Jul Big Green, vocals; Steven O. Hanson, banjo; Tim Fleming, pedal steel; Guillermo Guzmán, bass; Nick Vincent, drums.


Something is telling me that I should be going
Something is telling me to turn and run away
And just let go of these things that I cling to
And get behind, get behind this fireline

I’ve traveled far, I’ve seen the work of the maker
I’ve been alone in a distant land
And I’ve been lost as the sky fell around me
And I can feel, I can feel, the fireline

No one can say I didn’t put it all on the table
Gave it what I could, everything I had
And knowing what I know now
I’d do a few things differently
And keep clear of these flames, these flames

So if you find yourself on a lonesome highway
Deep in a valley where you’ve been before
Don’t let your guard down, just pray for tomorrow
Keep an ear up to Heaven and an eye on the fireline

I can feel the heat, I can see the light
It’s just beyond my reach, barely out of sight
Burning white hot till everything is black
I just need to breathe and get back
Behind the fireline
The fireline