1. Shattercane

From the recording Hope Street

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Brad Colerick, acoustic guitar, lead vocal; Larry Marrs, backing vocals; Charlie White, electric guitar, bass; Kenny Loggains, drums.


Guess it’s been coming
We could see the signs
This trouble’s been mounting for a long time
A ruthless bandit that steels the light
A faceless villain with an appetite

Shattercane, shattercane
Who’s to blame, shattercane

Things will be alright I guess
If we can just find our way
Out of these dark, dark hours to the light of day
And in the struggle
We fight through the pain
Just got to hope that we lose less than we gain

Shattercane, shattercane
Who’s to blame, shattercane

We give thanks to the father
And we pray for rain
But sometimes our words are just a crying shame

Shattercane, shattercane
Who’s to blame for shattercane